Figures of Note

Figures of Note are the central figures that will play a major role in the conflict between Humans and Vaylen.

The Human Figures of Note

  • Tony Chang, a crime lord trying to use his accrued capital to buy into legal society.
  • Mireen Creed, a disgraced Mundus priest sent to minister a small flock on a shitty backward planet, desperate to redeem her name by making the Mundus strong and powerful.
  • Viktor Bukanin a Merchant League-born, political philosopher/agitator/revolutionary out to change the world.

The Vaylen Figures of Note

  • Nikolai Bukanin, a former criminal and smuggler disguised as a trader, scouting for new worlds to exploit.
  • Eira Kelli, a high ranking League official desperate to get off this ball of water, back to civilisation and to get his/her career back on track.
  • Robul Vronstaadt, military commander of one of the ML-employed mercenary companies frustrated by the ML & who strives for greater power.

Figures of Note

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