Viktor Bukanin

A Commune-ist Insurrectionist


Character Name – Viktor Bukanin
Concept – A Merchant League-born, political philosopher/agitator/revolutionary out to change the world.
Lifepaths – Born to the League, Student, Commentariat, League Official, (lead to Commune) Lawyer, Philosopher, (lead to Outcast) Insurrectionist
Age – 47


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
5 6 3 3 3 3


MW Ste Hes Res Cir
9 5 5 6 2
PTGS SUP: 2 INJ: 3 MAI: 7 MW: 9


Belief 1: The people of Nostroma must be woken to the slavery they live under. Only a campaign of terror will open their eyes so they may rise up and shake off the shackles of ZosTeC and become masters of their own destiny.
Belief 2: The jackbooted hired thugs of ZosTeC must be forcibly thrown from the streets of the Commune. We shall make every step they take filled with fear, pain and uncertainty until they leave.
Belief 3: Tony must see that his criminal actions harm only the revolution by exploiting the poorest. I must channel his energies towards supporting the cause.


Instinct 1: Always quote from The Little Blue Book.
Instinct 2: Never stay in the same safe-house twice.
Instinct 3:


Character Traits: Paranoid, Kunmai, Technical, Formal, Rebel, Frustrated, Calculating, Clean Cut, Agitated, Capitalist at Heart
Die Traits: Idealogue
Call-On Traits: Casuist (Persuasion)


Regime-wise 3, Philosophy 5, Commune Law 3, Bureaucracy 4, Propaganda 4, Institutional Drudgery-wise 3, Rebel-wise 3, Explosives 4, Investigative Logic 2, Ugly Truth 2, Composition 2, League Law 6, Oratory 3, Persuasion 5, Accounting 3, League-wise 3, Journalism 3, Dissent-wise 3, Observation 3, Administration 3


Affiliations -

  • (1D) The Nostroma Liberation Front, a small, loose collection of cells spread across Nostroma.

Reputations -

  • (1D) Leader of the NLF.
  • (1D) Author of the Little Blue Book, a selection of anti-League quotes, speeches and writings.

Relationships -

  • Nikolai Bukanin, my hated brother who abandoned his family and left Nostroma on a Merchant League trade Mercator decades ago.
  • Michael Torvald, My trusted second in command, and Chief of Operations for the NLF.
  • Tony Chang, Childhood friend and Nostroma’s crime boss.


Gear -

Property -

Tech -


Viktor Bukanin

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