Robul Vronstaadt

Mercenary Commander


Character Name – Robul Vronstaadt
Concept – The commander of one of the Merchant League-employed mercenary companies frustrated by the ML and who strives for greater power.
Lifepaths – Born to the League, Student, (leap to Anvil) Soldier, Sergeant, Anvil Elite, Lieutenant, X-O.
Age – 46


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
5 4 4 3 3 4


MW Ste Hes Res Cir
9 6 4 5 3
PTGS SUP: 3(5) INJ: 5(7) MAI: 7(9) MW: 9 (11)


  1. A career outside the Merchant League is just as noble and worthy – I will show my family that they belong to the planet’s past and I to its future by becoming part of Nostromo’s ruling class.
  2. The power grip and monopoly of the Merchant League is a strait jacket for the planet – I will overturn the current government even if it means allying with dubious forces.
  3. I’m attracted to the new Fomas Mireen Creed – she’s weak, alone and needs my protection. The growth of her congregation may be a useful tool in the struggle to free Nostroma.


  1. I never attend a meeting unprepared – securing the location is a bare minimum.
  2. I’m never off duty, even when I’m off duty.
  3. I chase women. Can’t help it.


Persuasion 6, Investigative Logic 5, Bureaucracy 4, Command 4, Administration 4, Assault Weapons 4, Intimidation 4, Tactics 3, Squad Support Weapons 3, Close Combat 3, Soldiering 2, Regulations-wise 4, Unit-wise 2, Institutional Drudgery-wise 2


  1. Character Human, Clean Cut, Agitated, Capitalist at Heart, FUGAZI, Oddly Likeable, Paranoid, Technical
  2. Die Anvil Trained, Seen it all
  3. Call-On Imperious Demeanor (Circles for lower ranks)

Property -

AffiliationsZosTec 3D

Reputations -

RelationshipsMireen Creed

Tech – Assault Gun, Heavy Assault Gun, Ballistic Body Armour


Robul Vronstaadt

Nostroma perfischer