Nikolai Bukanin

A former criminal and smuggler disguised as a trader, scouting for new worlds to exploit.


Character Name – Nikolai Bukanin
Lifepaths Born to the league, student, merchant, advocate, criminal, traveler, smuggler.
Age – 54


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
4 4 3 3 3 4


MW Ste Hes Res Cir
9 3 4 6 5
PTGS SUP: 3 INJ: B5 MAI: 7 MW: 9

Inst. Drudgery-wise 2, Bargaining 5, League Law 5, Intimidation 6, Pilot 3, Smuggling 6, Persuasion 6, Streetwise 6, Accounting 3, Falsehood 4, Trade-wise 3.


  1. I believe in free enterprise and survival of the fittest. My old home-world is a stagnant place steeped in its own inward-looking traditions, and I will kick some new life into it.
  2. I was born on Nostroma and I belong here, I will defend it with my life.
  3. There’s money to be made on backwater planets like Nostroma, don’t mind if I take a piece of that cake myself.


  1. Always side with the stronger side.
  2. Never trust anyone, not even your closest friends or family.
  3. When in doubt, shoot first, ask questions later.


  1. Character traits: Human, Formal, Capitalist at Heart, Agitated, Optimist
  2. Die traits: Cool-headed, Cog in the Machine, Family, Shrewd
  3. Call-On traits: The Story (Falsehood)

Property – Storage facility, underwater lab, Safehouse

Affiliations – Nostroma underworld 1D

Reputations -

RelationshipsTony Chang, Nikolai Bukanin, Goo Carmena

Tech – Handgun, Airbus VTL Class (capable of vertical landing/take-off), Submarine


Nikolai Bukanin

Nostroma perfischer