Eira Kelli

A Merchant League Official


Character Name – Eira Kelli
Concept – a high ranking Zostera Trading Conglomerate official, desperate to get off this ball of water, back to civilisation and to get her career back on track.
Lifepaths – Born to the league, Clerk, Accountant, Merchant, League Official, Magnate.
Age – 44


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
4 3 3 3 3 3


MW Ste Hes Res Cir
9 4 5 8 5
PTGS SUP: 2 INJ: 3 MAI: 7 MW: 9

Skills – Bureaucracy 4, Accounting 5, Bargaining 6, Commodities-wise 3, Persuasion 5, Rhetoric 6, League-wise 4


  1. I was born to more than what Nostroma can offer me – as soon as the right moment presents itself I’m out of here.
  2. I’m smarter than most people – in ZTC, on Nostroma and probably in the Karsan League – and my wits will bring me riches and glory.
  3. Anything – even lives – has a price and can be bought or sold. Who gets the best price wins.


  1. Never refuse an offer up front.
  2. Admit defeat now to be able to get a victory later.
  3. Patience. Be patient. Be very patient.


  1. Character: Capitalist at heart, human, clean cut, smarter than you, technical
  2. Die: Affinity for business, quick-witted
  3. Call-On: Follow the money

Gear – Vatt Bravo 16 air bus

Property – Kelli Island private resort

AffiliationsZTC 1D

Reputations -

RelationshipsGoo Carmena (2iC), Robul Vronstaadt, Tony Chang

Tech – Laboratory


Eira Kelli

Nostroma perfischer